Three-Eight Charlie

Three-Eight Charlie CoverThree-Eight Charlie is the story of Jerrie Mock’s record-setting flight as the first woman to solo around the world in 1964 in a single-engine Cessna 180. It’s an insightful and well written account that includes intrigue and heroism, and discusses the cultures and geography of the world at the time. This book is a great read for aviation enthusiasts as well as young people, and anyone with big dreams.

Three-Eight Charlie
was originally published in 1970, but is out of print and difficult to find. Phoenix Graphix Publishing Services is pleased to make a new, colorful edition available for the 50th anniversary of Jerrie’s flight. This new edition includes maps and weather charts and photos that bring the story to life, and help the reader experience it more fully.
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Three-Eight Charlie
by Jerrie Mock
Testimonial: I just finished reading your new edition of Three-Eight Charlie, by Jerrie Mock. Even though it happened 50 years ago, I was still overwhelmed and so proud of Jerrie and  you for bringing her story to print so we could relive it. Only a pilot can respect what all she went through to complete this unbelievable circling of the globe in a very small plane. The book depicts her journey in a very complete way and your expertise in assembling all the facts, into a beautifully bound book, is very appreciated. Thank you so much for ALL your hard work, time, and patience in bringing this to fruition.
Blessings and Thanks, Charlie Rhoads

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